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LTAD - a critique
Demands of the game
Profile of players
Functional screening
Resistance training
Speed and agility training
Integrated game conditioning

Welcome to the World Rugby Strength & Conditioning Pre-Level 2 online course

This course is designed to build on the knowledge, understanding and practical application acquired from the Pre-level 1 online learning course and face-to-face Level 1 course. Its aim is to further prepare strength and conditioning coaches to demonstrate their application of more advanced strength and conditioning techniques during the Level 2 face-to-face course. This in turn will facilitate coaches to prepare players more thoroughly to play Rugby Union.

In the course, we include eight Multiple Choice Questionnaires (MCQs). The MCQ is a short quiz really. It consists of ten questions that all relate to the content described within each module. We have one MCQ placed at the end of each module. The MCQs serve a key purpose. They are intended to help you assess how well you understood the module. When you have answered all the questions, you will then be given feedback as to your knowledge of the preceding content.

Once you have completed the MCQ and posted it, you will receive feedback on the accuracy of your choices. Good luck and enjoy the challenge.

The World Rugby Strength and Conditioning pathway has been designed by World Rugby in conjunction with Setanta College. The pathway is as follows:

  • (First Stage) – Rugby Ready
  • (Second Stage) – World Rugby Strength and Conditioning Pre-Level 1 Online Course
  • (Third Stage) – World Rugby Strength and Conditioning Level 1
  • (Fourth Stage) – World Rugby Strength and Conditioning Pre-Level 2 Online Course
  • (Fifth Stage) – World Rugby Strength and Conditioning Level 2